Ivory appraisal, pre-ban certificates, and sales fees

It's important to determine the value of your ivory sculpture. The value of ivory can increase manyfold depending on it's history, identity, and quality. It's also important to be sure you have the proper documentation for you ivory piece. The services our experts can provide for your ivory works are:




Informal estimate of value.

Official appraisal of value.

Initial opinion.

Fees are due prior to beginning our work.

Ivory Experts accepts all major credit cards. Please contact us via phone to pay for our services: 1-305-447-7643

Pre-ban ivory services fees

Ivory Plaque with Agnus Dei on Cross between Emblems of the Four Evangelists; ca. 975-1000; South Italian; 9 1/3 x 5 3/8 x 3/8 inches; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.




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